M/V Sandollars Mainship 390 Trawler for Charter in Florida


So what's a Trawler?


 Come see the glory that lies below the surface... 

The "Trawler" concept originated as a commercial fishing design, to fill the need for an economical, seaworthy vessel focused on maximum cargo capacity, net-hauling capability, fuel efficiency and safety for it's crew.  Trawlers, from the beginning, were all about business. 

In the mid-1970's following the first OAPEC Oil Embargo, gas guzzling powerboats fell out of favor. The Luhrs Corporation and other manufacturers recognized that the ultra-efficient fishing trawler design could be adapted for recreational cruising with tremendous benefits in fuel economy, comfort and safety.  The 'recreational trawler' market was born.

Numerous manufacturers designed and sold thousands of trawlers, but one classic design stood out -- the Mainship 34.  In 1999, the 34 was stretched, updated and given a modern, contemporary look resulting in the 350/390 models, the most popular recreational trawlers ever made.   

Cruising Sandollars

About Sandollars


Is a Trawler easy to operate?

Yes! Sandollars is a modern recreational trawler factory-equipped with a powerful bow-thruster, her controls are simple and maneuvering her is quite easy.  Visibility from either upper or lower helm stations is outstanding.

Underway, her top-of-the-line Raymarine gyro-equipped autopilot handles the helm with instantaneous response and precise tracking in almost any sea conditions.  Navigating is push-button easy.  Spend 10 minutes entering your waypoints before departing and you'll hardly ever need to touch the wheel.

Sandollars is very forgiving, making for a stress free charter experience.  With her single prop, shaft and rudder well protected inside the centerline of a deep, full length keel, she handles shoaling and even the occasional 'soft grounding' without any drama -- she was built for gunkholing.